BladeRoom North America - Outside of North America

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Resilience - Tier III and Tier IV Data Center Designs

The BladeRoom system is designed to achieve the highest levels of resilience, ensuring mission-critical IT is constantly operational with Tier III data center provision as standard, and delivering Tier IV data center fault tolerance if required.
BladeRoom installations are accredited as full Tier 3 data centers in Europe and Asia-Pacific


The BladeRoom system can be configured to Tier III or Tier IV data center levels of resilience, meeting full Uptime Institute specifications.

Tier III or Tier IV data center specifications offer full concurrent data center maintenance with redundant components and dual distribution paths.

The mechanical and electrical design of the BladeRoom system was developed in conjunction with Red Engineering, world-leading M&E specialists in the design of resilient data centers:

  • UK's first Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designers
  • Europe's first and only Uptime Institute Tier III data center certified facility
  • Europe's first and only Uptime Institute Tier IV data center certified design

Sites developed using the BladeRoom system are already Tier III accredited by the Uptime Institute in Europe and Australia, with the same highly resilient data center design able to be rolled out across the world for rapidly deployed high-uptime, mission-critical Tier III and Tier IV data centers.