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Scalable Data Centers

Scalable data centers are available in any size, from 10 racks to thousands of racks. Rapid order to operation timeframes allow a ‘just in time’ approach to growing scalable data centers, thus closely matching capacity with demand.

Businesses are changing the way they are looking at developing new data centers.

Organizations are moving away from speculatively building huge data centers for future needs, instead looking for scalable data centers, allowing them to closely match growth to demand.

The BladeRoom system is a unique way of providing scalable data centers, with facilities of any size from small 10-rack data centers to huge multistory scalable data centers with the ability to start small and grow over time.

The system can be used to unlock many potential sites for data centers that have gone undeveloped owing to the massive capital undertaking required.

The initial data centers can be deployed quickly without spending on speculative future growth; additional capacity can be delivered only when required, in as little as 12 weeks.

The BladeRoom scalability slideshow shows how growth is achieved with scalable data centers:

Scalable Data Centers

The BladeRoom modular data center system is hugely scalable and extremely flexible, as this slideshow demonstrates:


BladeRoom Scalable Data Center Approach

BladeRoom scalable data centers comprise a series of standardized IT rooms with scalable Air Optimizers and power management rooms.

Delivering additional IT rooms, Air Optimizers and power management rooms can incrementally increase the size and capacity of the facility.

A scalable data center approach allows capacity growth in line with the growth profile of your business, without needing to spend money until the point where expansion is required.

This just-in-time approach offers the best return on capital employed and the lowest possible risk in developing sites such as colocation facilities.


BladeRoom scalable data centers can be supplied in stand-alone, side-by-side or in multistory formats.

They are designed with integrated M&E in each IT room or Air Optimizer module. Data center zoning allows additional space to be quickly added and brought online, with internal mechanical and electrical plant scaled to match IT demand.