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Proving the Data Center PUE

With a data center PUE proven through extensive field testing, the BladeRoom system offers the highest efficiency, and has been proven to consistently deliver an extremely low data center PUE over a range of IT loads.

BladeRoom Group invested in, designed, and manufactured the world's first data center ‘climate emulator’ to test the BladeRoom PUE, and to prove the system’s energy efficiency over an extensive range of IT loads and temperature/relative humidity bands.


Extensive Testing of Low Data Center PUE

Seven zones of the psychrometric chart (seven sets of climatic conditions with a variety of temperature and humidity levels) were tracked through weeks' of testing. A live BladeRoom system, housing 250kW of evenly distributed heat emulators, was tested with live loads ranging from 15 percent to 100 percent.

BladeRoom Data Center PUE figures are not calculated based upon very high loads, but are achieved in operation when the data center is both partially and fully loaded.

Quoted data center PUE figures include allowances for site primary electrical infrastructure losses. The San Francisco example achieved pPUE 1.09 with electrical losses; the data center PUE in isolation was PUE 1.04 during live testing.

BladeRoom in Isolation - pPUE 1.04

BladeRoom with all Electrical Losses - PUE 1.09

During these tests the back-up DX server room cooling system was also comprehensively tested and verified under all conditions to test resilience and to prove the data center PUE in recirculation mode, for example, or under emergency fire alarm conditions.

IT room inside data center

Imbalanced IT loads and High Density Testing

Since the initial testing was conducted, the robustness and low PUE of the BladeRoom system has been tested extensively both in our testing facility and on live client sites.

Testing has been conducted with imbalanced IT loads, with over 500kW of IT load concentrated in just a few racks within the data center, and with the other IT rooms left empty.

Rack kW densities of over 30+kW per rack were achieved with no loss of efficiency using a direct air system, with the BladeRoom control system automatically adjusting to direct the cooling to exactly where it is required.

In this way our clients are seeing complete freedom to distribute IT however they require, making the BladeRoom approach to cooling ideal for colocation and cloud computing.