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Modular Data Center Projects

The BladeRoom modular data center system can be deployed in a number of ways to provide fast-track, energy efficient modular data centers. Modular data centers can be installed as part of a greenfield development, increase space in brownfield applications, or be used inside existing structures.

Using the BladeRoom system, large modular data center facilities can be made operational in just 18 weeks, whereas a traditional approach to projects may take as long as a year.

The following slide show demonstrates a typical large greenfield modular data center site development using the BladeRoom system.


Modular Data Center Types

BladeRoom is a scalable modular data center system, built in an off-site assembly facility, and is a proven way of acquiring energy efficient data centers fast:

Greenfield and Brownfield Sites: New modular data center facilities can be provided extremely quickly using the BladeRoom system, with modular data centers ranging from 2,000 to 200,000+ square feet and power densities from 0.5kW/ rack to 30+kW/rack.

Upgrades and extensions: The BladeRoom system provides an effective method of extending the capacity of an existing data center.

Modular data center facilities can be 'bolted on' to an existing building or sited in a number of different locations such as car parks, courtyards and rooftops to utilize any available space.

Inside industrial buildings: BladeRoom modular data centers can be located within an existing host building, providing additional security and anonymity.

The BladeRoom system is easily connected to services within the building with air inlet and exhausts ducted externally.