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Low-, Medium-, and High-Density Data Center Cooling

The BladeRoom system offers a more flexible way to manage IT equipment within a data center, allowing low-, medium-, and high-density data center areas in any configuration without impacting the efficiency of the data center solution. High-density data center configurations with upwards 30+kW per rack on average are possible with racks able to be loaded to over 50kW per IT rack.

The inherent ability of the cooling system to deliver the correct volumes of air when called for by the IT, coupled with a highly sensitive monitoring system, enables an IT room to support a mix of racks of varying density from 1kW to in excess of 30+kW operating next to each other for low- or high-density data center applications.

This system, known as the BladeRoom Match Technology, allows low- and high-density data center space and IT to be allocated freely without the requirement for specialized racks - ideal for colocation data centers.

Automatic Louver Doors dynamically adjust to direct cooling to exactly where it is required, with greater cooling directed to high-density data center areas.
This is fundamentally different from a traditional approach to pressurizing a raised floor where hot spots and over-cooling can occur.

  • The automatic louver doors are a proprietary BladeRoom-designed product.
  • Controlled by the BladeRoom Match Technology, the louver doors regulate air volumes into each IT Room.
  • This close control of air volumes into each IT room allows each IT room to operate at different densities with no loss of efficiency or hot spots. High-density data center areas can operate next to low-density data center areas without risk to operation.

Low, Medium & High Density Zoned Aisles


Clients can locate high-density data center IT anywhere in a BladeRoom, and the system will respond automatically to changing conditions to offer the lowest possible cooling costs.

Occupying a data center over time is made simpler by removing the need to speculate over the future growth and the allocation of IT within the data center space.

IT equipment can be added, upgraded and rearranged into any configuration at any point without additional investment in data center cooling infrastructure or restrictions where the IT can be located.

The flexibility of the system is ideally suited to cloud computing and colocation facilities where it is difficult to predict where the high-density data center areas will be.

Low, Medium & High Density Racks in the Same Aisle