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Energy Efficient Data Center

BladeRoom energy efficient data centers have been designed from the outset to maximize efficiency, using free cooling for over 99% of the year, and delivering a proven PUE as low as 1.09 in temperate climates across a large load range from 40% to 100% capacity.

BladeRoom energy efficient data centers have a variable PUE depending on the climate in which the data center is located, with PUEs as low as 1.09 for temperate climates like San Francisco, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia, and 1.3 for hot and humid climates like Dallas, Texas.

PUE figures have been calculated with all electrical losses through an external N+1 UPS system in eco mode, N+1 standby generators, 2N transformers, plant ventilation systems and lighting. Independently, the BladeRoom PUE for an energy efficient data center located in somewhere like Portland, Oregon, is below 1.05.

BladeRoom PUE Definition

bladeroom pue definition

A BladeRoom energy efficient data center in San Francisco with 1MW of IT will only require 90kW of additional power for everything else. This PUE delivers the lowest operating costs and carbon emissions available, and offers enormous financial benefits.

With such a small amount of data center power required for support systems, and with mechanical cooling so rarely used, BladeRoom energy efficient data centers can allow a far greater proportion of site power to be dedicated to servers by running back-up cooling on generator power from the primary electrical infrastructure. This maximizes available power and increases overall IT capacity on a power-constrained site.

The tables below show the cooling costs of a BladeRoom Data Center and comparison data centers in San Francisco at 1MW of IT capacity per annum over a 10-year period.

BladeRoom Energy Savings for San Francisco


The efficient 1.5 PUE data center has over five and a half times the cooling costs of the BladeRoom energy efficient data center and a typical PUE 2 data center costs over 11 times as much to cool the IT.

These are massive savings. If you moved your IT from a 1MW traditional PUE 2 data center to a BladeRoom, you would save over $10,000,000 in energy costs over 10 years.